My Top Ten Burning Issues of 2007

I was still thinking about 2007. Here is a top ten list of issues/things that got me fired up in ’07.

1) Drugs in Sports

I pay a lot less attention to both professional cycling. track and field, and baseball than I used to. Wherever there is money, there is corruption, and money in sports means performance enhancing drugs will be rampant. Cheaters should be banned for life.

2) Presidential Politics

We may have the best democracy in the world, but the race for the White House is wasteful and takes way too long and costs taxpayers way too much money.

3) Gender Discrimination in Sport

The whole HERC Open debacle reminded me to include this on my list. I hate it.

4) Medical Insurance-lack of Preventive Maintenance

Horst Engineering is bracing for another double digit increase and we can’t get people to change their desctructive behavior (e.g. smoking, poor diet, lack of exercise). When you get done blaming the insurance companies, the doctors, and the drug makers, look in the mirror and see if you can spot the real problem. And, for the record, everyone is culpable!

5) Consumerism

This past holiday season was insane. Too much electronics. Too much spending. Will there ever be a backlash? Will there be less and smaller stores ten years from now?

6) (More) Environmental Waste

Green is hot and that can’t be all good. People need to wake up and see the damage they are doing just by LIVING their “normal” lives.

7) Real Estate Bubble and Credit Crunch

Duh! Who didn’t see this coming?

8) Toys

One of my favorite bumper stickers: “Mall-Wart: Your Source for Cheap Plastic Crap.” A lot of that plastic crap is imported toys. Again, duh. I guess we now know why many of them are so cheap!

9) Oil

$3.50/gallon at the pump and it seems as if SUV’s are still everywhere. We need $8.00/gallon to really change our consumption patterns. I’ll ride my bike to work more and travel less. What will you do?

10) War

I’m very pessimistic about this one. US foreign policy is so misguided and our mistakes have compounded so badly that I don’t think eight years of Democrats will change much. Earlier this year, National Geographic covered the subject of Iraq/Afghanistan veteran amputees. That story tore me up.

I’m sure there are more things that got me agitated, but these ten are enough for now. At one time or another, during my first year of blogging, I wrote about each of these issues. 2007 was great.

I am looking forward to 2008.

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From race directing to @thecubscouts directing. Proud day for our son, @trailrunningmom and the rest of #cubscouts Pack 157 Den 5 as they earned their Arrow of Light. Four of her boys are moving to @boyscoutsofamerica #scoutsbsa after five years of fun and learning.
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After a full day at the CFM( Safran and @geaviation ) supplier conference, I explored the emerald green urban oasis known as #burnetwoods The sights, sounds, and smells (other than the dead possum) were delightful. @cincyparks #trailrunning #cincinnati
@trailrunningmom had a great week! She topped it off on #mothersday by spending some quality time with her favorite @disney character.

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