David Goggins is a Madman!

Reading about David Goggins exploits has always left me in awe. The Navy SEAL is one of the most prolific adventure athletes in the world. He is like Waldo, only instead of hiding in the crowd, the is hammering away, whether it is on a bike, in the water, or on trails.

A recent post at www.ironman.com reveals just how nuts this endurance athlete actually is. I’ve been hanging out on the Ironman website because I’ve had a hankering to test myself with a 2008 Ironman attempt. I’ve been told not to worry considering I’ve done Jay Challenge, American Zofingen, and other nutso events. Of course, I’ve got to learn to really swim. I started my training this morning. David Goggins doesn’t think Ironman is tough at all. He actually implies that is is boring. Ouch, I wonder what the other triathletes think. I was very excited to learn that he ranked UTMB the toughest of them all. Deb would probably agree, though she didn’t see the finish line (until we drove back to Chamonix) in 2007.

Debbie, Shep, and I have had the pleasure of meeting David. He and Deb both competed in the 2007 Pittsfield Peaks Ultra Challenge. Deb got the best of him on that day, but he spent a lot of time lost in the woods…literally. Deb went back this year, but Nikki Kimball prevailed. Pittsfield at 55 miles, is darn rugged. Shep and I hung out with his wife, Aleeza, and got a taste of who David really is. It was cool to get a sense of why he does what he does. I love a good sufferfest, but David makes my attempts for endorphin popping glory look like walks in the park.

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