Connecticut Newsmakers

On Sunday, I appeared on Connecticut Newsmakers with Tom Monahan, a program that airs on NBC30/WVIT, the local NBC affiliate.  I was invited on the show to share Horst Engineering’s story. I discussed Horst Engineering’s history and growth, talked about our solar PV electric system, and commented on the potential business impact of Connecticut’s budget deadlock.

It was a great opportunity to share some of our company’s successes and acknowledge some of the recent challenges brought on by the recession. Our solar PV electric power system is just one example of how we have broken new ground in our industry. Our investment in sustainable energy was forward looking and we are proud of the impact it has made. The solar system gave me the opportunity to explain how our progressive business model is unique.

Being in business for 63 years, especially family business, doesn’t happen by accident. I was keen to add my comments about the difficulties of doing business in Connecticut. All USA manufacturers face challenges, and they are particularly hard in our home state. Connecticut faces a record deficit with a huge revenue shortfall. The deficit is the worst since 1991 when the state income tax was instituted. Since then, the size of the budget has quadrupled. Government spending is out of control and this has a nasty impact on the businesses, the primary funders of the tax base. 

Legislators are faced with an unenviable task, but if they choose the path of higher taxes and increased business mandates, then they will be choosing to weaken our economy rather than strenghten it. Small and mid-sized businesses are the backbone of the local, state, and national economies. Higher business costs will hurt businesses and prevent growth. Our lawmakers should be focused on steps that will increase investment, increase innovation, and reward businesses for training their workforces to better compete in the global economy.

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