Cycle-Smart International Cyclocross, Day 2

I’m so glad to not have mud everywhere. The past two cross races have left me with grit in my teeth and my gears. Yesterday and today (especially today) were a different story. Today felt like summer. It was actually dusty on the course! Day 2 of the Cycle-Smart International Cyclocross was spectacular. The weather conditions in Northampton, Massachusetts couldn’t have been better. I wore a skinsuit for the second day in a row and it was noticeably warmer. The temperature rose to the high-60’s (F) and people were lounging around in shorts thanks to the brilliant sunshine and clear blue skies.

The future of cyclocross.

Kids Podium.

Cyclocross is supposed to be cold, windy, and wet, but no one was complaining today. Once again, I did the 35+ race with teammates Wade Summers and Matt Domnarski. Wade had a fine ride to lead our little group. Matt and I finished close together, but a ways back in the pack. Matt was the victim of a couple of crashes, including one where his tire rolled off the rim. He fought back and caught me on the last lap. I felt a little better today, but was still slow. I neglected to put my heart rate monitor on, so I didn’t get any HR data to compare with yesterday. The top three were a little different. Roger Aspholm took first. Matt Kraus was second and Kevin Hines took third. Yesterday’s winner, Jonny Bold, was fourth.

Verge Finish Line.

Mary McConneloug powers up the hill.

Unlike yesterday, when we left early to explore Northampton, we stayed to watch the elite races. I got to break out my camera and take some photos. The women’s race was very entertaining with Mary McConneloug taking her second win in a row. Laura Van Gilder was second and Natasha Elliot was third. Mary opened an early gap and was able to hold it by riding all of the toughest obstacles, including the sand pit and the uphill. It was impressive to watch these top women tackle the course. A fair number of spectators stayed to watch, but cyclocross isn’t like the old days when everyone who raced earlier in the day would stay to go nuts for the elites.

Women's Chasers.

Mary Wins!

Mary gets interviewed.

The men’s race started out wildly for the second day in a row. There was another crash in the opening 50 meters of the race (on the pavement) that eliminated several top riders from contention. Adam Craig, a top-level mountain biker, was one of the big names that lost time to the crash. It was a shame to see such a big pileup of guys that should know how to handle their bikes. At least one rider was taken away in an ambulance. A touch of a wheel or a rub of the bars is all it takes to go down when you are packed in tight. These guys are so aggressive and they let it all hang out in an effort to get that hole shot. I know that most of these guys are young, but wait till they settle down and have kids…they will probably mellow out.

The big pileup on Day 2.

Jamey Driscoll leads.

Jamey Driscoll won today after taking second yesterday. He was followed by Nicholas Weighall and Derrick St. John. Today’s race was faster because there was one less run up and the course was drier. That made the gaps closer, though Driscoll was never really challenged. The speed at which these top guys ride is truly amazing. Their power and form is really top-notch, which is the combination required to excel at cyclocross.

The Chase Group.

Adam Craig clears the tracks.

The elite races were fun, but I think the most entertaining event was the kids race. They had a dedicated course set up so that the little guys could challenge themselves at cross. Our guys are a bit too young, but we thoroughly enjoyed watching the other little cyclists attack the cross course.

Riding the hill.

The hurdles.

Look Park was glorious again. Our family took the time to explore the various playgrounds and the zoo. Chanced are that the rain and mud will be back next weekend, but for a day, it dry, sunny, and fabulous.

The Zoo.

Day 2 Race Results

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I crashed out of the Singlespeed Championship @renocxnats (on the dreaded off-camber) but not before having more fun. @artroti43 raced on the frosty course ❄️ at day break. 🚴🏽 We met a lot more @horsteng #crossspikes customers. I hung with little bunny hopper 🐰 Miles, the Junior 11-12 year old Silver Medalist.🥈I cheered for Nic, who represented @the_ccap in the Junior 15-16 age group. @sportstert and Iva came down from Tahoe to cheer LOUDLY for me. 🎺 I got my badly sprained ankle taped and iced. I had a beer. 🍺 I’m even looking forward to my red eye flight home ✈️ . Best of all, I’ll see @trailrunningmom and the kids on Sunday. I can’t explain the sensation, but despite the pain, I’m ready for next #Cyclocross season to begin... after some rest. #teamhorstsports #cxnats #horstengineering @parkavebikeshop #crossisboss #lifedeathcyclocross #crossiscoming You could say that at least for this week, I’m married to my #bicycle - - -

@renocxnats #cxnats @seven_cycles #sevencycles #teamhorstsports #horstengineering #crossspikes @horsteng #chapelofthebells #Cyclocross #lifedeathcyclocross Good day representing @horsteng at @renocxnats in the 45-49 age group. It’s a great course. The wind was blowing hard, but the sun finally came out. I’m happy with 37th place but should have made a move to get to 29th, which was 30 seconds ahead. That’s a long way when you are going flat out and cramping. 4,500 foot elevation was a factor. I’m disappointed that they cut one lap of my race when I wasn’t close to getting lapped by the leaders. You train this hard and come all this way; and you want to get the most racing for the $ and time invested. They only let 25 riders do the full six laps. The only positive to come out of that was that I watched fellow New Englander @adammyerson execute a perfect final sprint to win the Stars and Stripes again. Teammate @artroti43 had a good ride too. 
@seven_cycles #sevencycles #horstengineering #teamhorstsports @bicycleseastct #crossspikes #cxnats #renocxnats #Cyclocross #crossisboss @therichardsachs didn’t have the race he hoped for but it was still great to see him @renocxnats and “pit” for him. He said he officially started his second off season, but first of 2018. @artroti43 and I played soigneur/mechanic for 90 minutes, but minus the massage! atmo #renocxnats #richardsachs #teamhorstsports @horsteng #crossspikes #hauteframebuilding #Cyclocross #crossisboss #lifedeathcyclocross I previously hadn’t published this image, but it recently received an Honorable Mention in the 2017 @appalachianmountainclub Photo Contest for the People Outdoors category. Check out my blog (link in profile) for the interesting story of his photo (shot with this iPhone 6s), a trip report from this amazing Maine adventure, and past contest history. I love this image of two of my favorite women. I’m barred from submitting images to the 2018 contest, but I’ll be back in 2019. #appalachianmountainclub #baxterstatepark #katahdin Congratulations to Master Park, the Park Family, and the entire team at Park’s U.S. #Taekwondo at the Grand Opening of the new facility in the former VFW building. Our kids love it! So much better than being next door to the pawn shop and liquor store.😊#tkd 🇺🇸🇰🇷 This morning, the @trinitycollege Main Quad was bathed in beautiful sunshine ☀️but it was frigid and the wind was blowing! ❄️ The chapel was packed with an overflow crowd to celebrate the (shortened) life of a lovely friend. She will be missed. #circleoflife 🌏 #Repost @horsteng
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