The Vibration Nation

Yesterday, I visited the “Vibration Nation” and came away totally inspired. I attended  a lean learning event at VIBCO Vibrators in Wyoming, Rhode Island. What a culture; what a company! VIBCO’s President, Karl Wadensten, is an uber-passionate entrepreneur who has found his calling as a champion for lean enterprise. Karl has a radio show called the Lean Nation. It is broadcast live on AM790 and available through the Internet.

His organization is one of the finest I have ever had the pleasure to visit and his main plant in RI is a model of efficiency. Of course, like any lean organization, VIBCO is still on their lean journey. Every employee takes continuous improvement seriously and their goals indicate that there is still waste left to eliminate and improvements to be made. They are doing lean manufacturing, lean office, and lean throughout their global organization.

Horst Engineering has a wonderful 64-year history and a really good culture, but there is a lot to learn from the “expert vibrator guys” as the VIBCO team is known. We have dabbled with lean enterprise for many years, but what I saw yesterday is that you cannot dabble. To achieve truly exceptional results, you have to dedicate yourself wholeheartedly to the transformation process. That is what was so great to see at VIBCO; the cultural aspects of lean includes an incredible respect for people, and they demonstrate this.  

VIBCO’s industrial vibration products are sold all over the world and the innovation occurs right here in New England. They have fierce pride in their products and their creative marketing is an organizational strength. I’m proud to have been a guest. Their level of sharing is commendable since they believe that increasing the competitiveness of all RI, New England, and USA manufacturers is a vital need. I met representatives from several other fascinating manufacturing companies, met some excellent lean resources, and met their state senator, but the stars of the show were VIBCO’s employees. I returned to Connecticut and our organization with renewed vigor and lots to share with our own team of skilled associates.

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  1. 1 roseg341 29 June 2010 at 9:57 am

    Scott: We are just starting to get involved in Lean. I noticed that you had visited Vibco which is in Rhode Island, as are we. Could you give me a contact there so we could visit?

    thanks, Rose

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