Philly Again: Mexico, Horizons, and Fairmount Park

I had a short trip to Philadelphia for the second time in a month. This trip was to attend the Mexico’s Aerospace Industry Conference. It was produced by MEXICONOW with help from a host of industry sponsors. The conference was informative and I had a chance to network with several people. Horst Engineering’s business development efforts are accelerating. This week’s focus was on Mexico and the aerospace industry, whereas last week’s focus at the OMTEC conference in Chicago was on the medical device industry (orthopaedic implants and surgical instruments).

I arrived in Philly late on Wednesday afternoon, but in time to check out Horizons, a fabulous vegan restaurant. I found a parking spot in a funky neighborhood and walked several blocks to find the place. As restaurants go, Horizons is fabulous. As vegan restaurants go, Horizons was spectacular. It offers the kind of food I like, but with a gourmet touch, and in a great setting. This isn’t a plain pasta, white rice, or salad kind of place. Their food was unique and innovative.

I often struggle to eat good healthy food when I travel, so I was thrilled to have the time to try a great vegan restaurant. Kate Jacoby and Rich Landau, a husband and wife team, have run the joint at the current location for the past four years, but they founded it 16 years ago. They have a couple of cookbooks, a great menu, and a helpful staff. I only had one meal there, but I was impressed with the legacy they are creating. I owe Debbie a trip to Philly now.

I got up early on Thursday and ran through Fairmount Park. It was an extremely warm and humid morning, but the park was fabulous just after sunrise. The Fairmount Park system is huge. I ran in the section by the Japanese house and garden. It was a very nice place to run and was only a few miles from my hotel.

As the conference came to a close on Thursday afternoon, Philadelphia was hit with some wicked thunderstorms. This same storm system did serious damage in Queens, New York, on Long Island, and in Bridgeport, Connecticut. I drove home and fortunately, avoided any heavy rain, but it was still slow going on the New Jersey Turnpike. The worst traffic was on the George Washington Bridge in New York, which almost forced me to ditch the car and start walking. If I had my bicycle, I would have ridden home. Despite the traffic, it was a good trip.

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@thecubscouts #pinewoodderby never gets old. Pack 157 Bolton, Connecticut #cubscouts So that little injury caused by my @renocxnats crash on Saturday afternoon wasn’t so little after all. It’s a broken leg (fibula). Prognosis is good, but it hurts like heck. My blog post report with blow by blow details is linked in my profile. #cxnats #teamhorstsports @horsteng #crossspikes #crossisboss - - -

This #lifedeathcyclocross stuff is true!!!! I crashed out of the Singlespeed Championship @renocxnats (on the dreaded off-camber) but not before having more fun. @artroti43 raced on the frosty course ❄️ at day break. 🚴🏽 We met a lot more @horsteng #crossspikes customers. I hung with little bunny hopper 🐰 Miles, the Junior 11-12 year old Silver Medalist.🥈I cheered for Nic, who represented @the_ccap in the Junior 15-16 age group. @sportstert and Iva came down from Tahoe to cheer LOUDLY for me. 🎺 I got my badly sprained ankle taped and iced. I had a beer. 🍺 I’m even looking forward to my red eye flight home ✈️ . Best of all, I’ll see @trailrunningmom and the kids on Sunday. I can’t explain the sensation, but despite the pain, I’m ready for next #Cyclocross season to begin... after some rest. #teamhorstsports #cxnats #horstengineering @parkavebikeshop #crossisboss #lifedeathcyclocross #crossiscoming You could say that at least for this week, I’m married to my #bicycle - - -

@renocxnats #cxnats @seven_cycles #sevencycles #teamhorstsports #horstengineering #crossspikes @horsteng #chapelofthebells #Cyclocross #lifedeathcyclocross Good day representing @horsteng at @renocxnats in the 45-49 age group. It’s a great course. The wind was blowing hard, but the sun finally came out. I’m happy with 37th place but should have made a move to get to 29th, which was 30 seconds ahead. That’s a long way when you are going flat out and cramping. 4,500 foot elevation was a factor. I’m disappointed that they cut one lap of my race when I wasn’t close to getting lapped by the leaders. You train this hard and come all this way; and you want to get the most racing for the $ and time invested. They only let 25 riders do the full six laps. The only positive to come out of that was that I watched fellow New Englander @adammyerson execute a perfect final sprint to win the Stars and Stripes again. Teammate @artroti43 had a good ride too. 
@seven_cycles #sevencycles #horstengineering #teamhorstsports @bicycleseastct #crossspikes #cxnats #renocxnats #Cyclocross #crossisboss @therichardsachs didn’t have the race he hoped for but it was still great to see him @renocxnats and “pit” for him. He said he officially started his second off season, but first of 2018. @artroti43 and I played soigneur/mechanic for 90 minutes, but minus the massage! atmo #renocxnats #richardsachs #teamhorstsports @horsteng #crossspikes #hauteframebuilding #Cyclocross #crossisboss #lifedeathcyclocross I previously hadn’t published this image, but it recently received an Honorable Mention in the 2017 @appalachianmountainclub Photo Contest for the People Outdoors category. Check out my blog (link in profile) for the interesting story of his photo (shot with this iPhone 6s), a trip report from this amazing Maine adventure, and past contest history. I love this image of two of my favorite women. I’m barred from submitting images to the 2018 contest, but I’ll be back in 2019. #appalachianmountainclub #baxterstatepark #katahdin Congratulations to Master Park, the Park Family, and the entire team at Park’s U.S. #Taekwondo at the Grand Opening of the new facility in the former VFW building. Our kids love it! So much better than being next door to the pawn shop and liquor store.😊#tkd 🇺🇸🇰🇷 This morning, the @trinitycollege Main Quad was bathed in beautiful sunshine ☀️but it was frigid and the wind was blowing! ❄️ The chapel was packed with an overflow crowd to celebrate the (shortened) life of a lovely friend. She will be missed. #circleoflife 🌏

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