Chester 4 on the 5th

Debbie and I ran the Chester 4 on the 4th Road Race for the eighth time today. Of course, today is the 5th, sot the race was fittingly called the 4 on the 5th Road Race. When the 4th falls on a Sunday, they move the race to Monday to avoid the church traffic. Registration for the Chester, Connecticut race makes use of a local church hall. This is one of our favorite events. We usually drive or ride up from Old Lyme, where we have a family home. Today, we drove because we have a double today. Tonight, the Summer XC Grand Prix Series kicks off at Wickham Park in Manchester. We are doing that race too.

By Connecticut standards, it was a scorcher today. This is always one of the warmer races of the year. It was four miles of heat! The field was a bit smaller (as were the crowds) because of the Monday schedule. However, it was no less fun than the past years. We saw a ton of friends and had a blast. We left our kids behind, so we both got to run jog stroller free. It was great to see Liz (Fagan) Gottlieb, in from Marin County, California, who was visiting family in CT. She went on to win the women’s race in a fine time.

Debbie enjoys the heat and it showed. She ran a good time and was 8th woman. My 23:49 was 21 seconds slower than last year, but I’m in a recovery/building mode this year. Last year, I was moving towards a peak. No excuses, I felt pretty good and nabbed 2nd place, which is my best finishing result. The winner was way out front, so there isn’t much point in discussing it! The full results should be updated soon. I decided that I wouldn’t save anything for the XC race tonight. I’ll just push hard again. I was in third for most of the race, but I closed in on a 15-year-old Xavier High School runner on the last hill. He looked like he was struggling, so I surged past him and broke his spirit. I wanted a gap because I knew I would be no match for his youthful legs on the downhill finish. It was great fun to hang out at the finish. All of the volunteers were fabulous today. Special thanks to the folks manning the aid stations. The water was needed! Chester is a great town.

Race Results

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@trailrunningmom shed no tears when thunder and lightning turned race 3 of the Winding Trails Summer #Triathlon Series into a #Duathlon #teamhorstsports #hardrock100 is only 96 miles more than the 4 miles she ran tonight with the five mile #mountainbike in between. #trailrunning #pursuitstrong #pursuitfitness Start of the @root66raceseries #DomnarskiFarm Junior 12-18 year old race. #root66raceseries #teamhorstsports #teamhorstjuniorsquad #mountainbiking #mountainbike Beautiful June day in #Massachusetts For me, the #westrocksuperprestige highlight is always the youngest junior girls and boys. Here is the start of last night's Junior 9-11 year old Short Track #mountainbike race. This is the next generation of #cycling enthusiasts. @the_ccap #teamhorstsports #teamhorstjuniorsquad #horstspikes #mountainbiking 🚵‍♀️🏆❤️ Not bad. Third place in the series for #singlespeed division after doing two of the four #westrocksuperprestige #mountainbike races. Fun just to ride strongly. #teamhorstsports #horstspikes @horsteng #mountainbiking @seven_cycles #sevencycles Incredible June night. One day after the #solstice for the #westrocksuperprestige finale. @the_ccap @horsteng #teamhorstsports #teamhorstjuniorsquad #mountainbiking #solstice #railtrail ride:  #teamhorstjuniorsquad #teamhorstsports #hopriverstateparktrail #mountainbike The second (our first) #windingtrails Summer Off-Road #Triathlon Series race of the year was a big success. Three Livingston's raced including @trailrunningmom and the first "Grand Feast" of the season with the Schulz Clan helped us refuel. #teamhorstsports #mountainbiking #trailrunning I ran the #greylocktrailrace on #fathersday and @trailrunningmom loosened her legs after #manitousrevenge by running the 5K with Little D. Shep took 5+ minutes off of last year's time. #mountgreylock The Western Massachusetts Athletic Club had to share #greylockglen with the #harrypotter festival, which was kind of crazy. It was a weird combination of people. I'm sticking with he  #trailrunning community. @trailrunningmom finished #manitousrevenge 54 miles in 14:41:32. Fantastic! She is pumped and primed for #hardrock100 next month. #teamhorstsports #shenipsitstriders #pursuitstrong #pursuitfitness #trailrunning @ultraspire #ultraspire @altrarunning #altrarunning #ultrarunning #catskillsmountains 🏃🏻⛰

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