2013 Shenipsit Striders Fat Butt Run

It’s fitting that my first blog post of the year is about our first run of the year. The Shenipsit Striders hosted a Fat Ass Run at Crandall Park in Tolland, Connecticut. This was the second annual low-key event to celebrate the start of a new year.

2012_Shenipsit Striders Fat Ass Run 1

Around the house, Debbie renamed it the “Fat Butt Run” which everyone, particularly our three-year old, got a kick out of. It’s Fat Ass season with many runs over the next month.

2012_Shenipsit Striders Fat Ass Run 26

We had a nice turnout, with at least 15 members present. Thanks to Race Director Clint Morse for marking the course, tamping down the snow, and setting up the “finish line” table. The course was open from 8:00 A.M. until 2:00 P.M (it’s still open if you want to go!) for members to run as many laps as they wanted.

2012_Shenipsit Striders Fat Ass Run 17

I went first among the Livingston’s and did three laps. I hiked half a lap with the kids and played in the snow while Debbie did four laps of her own. It was loads of fun. You didn’t need snowshoes, but they were optional. Some folks wore spikes/studded shoes, but we went without.

2012_Shenipsit Striders Fat Ass Run 7

It was a nice way to get things moving again.

2012_Shenipsit Striders Fat Ass Run 13


9 laps – 29.7km
Dave Merkt – 3:35
Russell Stroud – 3:47

8 laps – 26.4km
Clinton Morse – 3:17

7 laps – 23.1 km
JJ Cote – 3:31

6 laps – 19.8km
Mark Buongiorno – 2:14
Tony Bonnano – 2:14

5 laps – 16.5km
Adam Lung – 2:11
Earl Lavallee – 2:18

4 laps – 13.2km
Brett Stoeffler – 1:23
Deb Livingston – 1:32
Regina McGillivray – 1:54

3 laps – 9.9km
Scott Livingston – 0:58
Ken Forrest – 1:13 (I think)
Ginny Patsun – 1:32
Vicki Quaglioroli – 1:45
Maria Pelley – 1:58

2 laps – 6.6km
Stoddard Finnie – 1 hr?

1 lap – 3.3km
Dani Kennedy – 0:31
Ned Kennedy – 0:31

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