Breakaway Brew Haus

It’s no secret that I love entrepreneurial businesses. I also love good beer. Beer and business make a great combination. Tonight, my son and I finally got a chance to visit our local neighborhood craft brewery…on our bicycles.


The aptly named Breakaway Brew Haus, is the brainchild of our neighbor, Matt Soucy. Matt is a longtime friend from both the cycling and manufacturing communities. Years ago, he worked (for a brief time) with me at Horst Engineering, and that was after years as a machining industry supplier.


His history of working in and around small businesses has certainly helped with the launch of his new business in our hometown of Bolton, Connecticut. I have to say that it’s pretty cool to have a microbrewery 1/4 mile from our house. I can get there in four minutes by bicycle, via the Hop River State Park Trail, and I only have to travel on a paved road (Steeles Crossing) for 500 feet. That’s local!


You know the beer is fresh when the proprietor (in his socks), labels your bottles, pours your beer, and caps your bottles, right before your eyes. For now, Matt is operating (by permit) from his garage, but by judging the taste of his recipe, and my knowledge of his entrepreneurial spirit, he is going to grow into bigger digs, and that will require a move out of his house.


He launched three weeks ago and has sold out every week. Last week, he remained closed on his retail days (Friday and Saturday) so that he could increase capacity. So, I seized the opportunity tonight to ride over just before his 6:00 P.M. closing, and nab his last two (literally) bottles of beer. My choice was:

  • Wandering Fool #2
    • “New England” style IPA (DIPA, 9.0%).
    • His marketing materials (a simple weekly email) describe this IPA as having a “rich malt profile, beautiful golden color with a deep hop aroma.”

This is one of three standard beers on tap. The other two are:

  • Bonfire Stout #1
    • Oatmeal Stout with South American Cocoa and Coffee (DIPA, 6.7%)
    • A very easy Stout with well-balanced subtle rich Cocoa and Coffee notes
  • Face Plant Ale #1
    • “New England” style IPA (DIPA, 8.0%)
    • Delicious light malt profile, light hazy color with layers of hop aroma

I’ll champion any local business, but especially one in my hometown, led by an entrepreneur who I’ve worked with in the past. His wife, Cindy, helps out too, so this qualifies as a family business; and that makes me an even bigger fan. I told Matt that I hope he outgrows his garage, but that he also finds a good commercial building in town so that we can keep him on the local tax rolls.


If you tried clicking the link to his website, you know that it isn’t live yet. If you are finding this post weeks, months, or years after I wrote it, then the site is likely up and running and Matt is either a beer mogul, or he sold to one of the giants for bazillions. Sophisticated marketing isn’t needed when demand outstrips supply. A simple email and word of mouth have led to three weeks of sell outs. He has to keep building capacity if he is going to scale production.

The Journal Inquirer covered his story the week of his opening. That press alone contributed to the early buzz about his beer. For now, I’m content to be able to ride from my house to his. I’ll have to ride longer if I expect to burn off the calories gained from a 750ml BBH branded bottle. Given the name “Breakaway,” I’ll count on this brew being a cycling performance enhancer.

4 Responses to “Breakaway Brew Haus”

  1. 1 Michael Lavorgna 16 May 2017 at 4:11 pm

    Hi, is there a way to find out the hours for the brewery? Great article! Not too much out there yet about this place

    • 2 SL 8 July 2017 at 10:34 pm

      He sends out a weekly email. Here is an example:

      Howdy, thank you to all our customers and friends, have a great weekend. Hope to see you next week when we will have a couple new HOP styles available!

      Thanks, Cheers, Matt

      BBH has been increasing capacity and with these changes will be introducing some new Hop profiles with our IPA’s. This week we have a large batch of Face Plant # 2 as a base recipe which has been split in half, each going through additional hopping techniques with different mixtures of hops. The result is 2 new Face Plant versions both bursting with juicy hop flavor. Visit Friday to try these 2 new styles of our New England Style Imperial IPA (DIPA).

      Please drink these 2 new DIPA’s with friends and then send us an email with your thoughts regarding the new flavors and which you think is better, I really want to hear your opinions!!

      Cheers, Matt

      Breakaway Brew Haus is a small Craft Beer Brewery located in Bolton CT. We hand make small batches of Craft Beer primarily Ales, Stouts and Porters. Our Ales are made the old fashion way with all natural fresh ingredients consisting of our Water, Malted Grain, Hops and Yeast with no additives, adjuncts or sugar. We make high quality craft beer using the finest American ingredients and they often carry a pretty high ABV. The ales are meant to be consumed right away so you can enjoy the great taste we work so hard to create for you. The Stouts and Porters can also be consumed immediately or stored for a while which some believe enhance the experience, cheers!

      Which BBH beers styles will be available this week?
      Face Plant Ale #2A “New England” style IPA 8.5%
      Delicious light malt profile, light hazy color with a juicy hop aroma
      Face Plant Ale #2B “New England” style IPA 8.5%
      Delicious light malt profile, light hazy color with a juicy hop aroma
      When will BBH open?
      We will be open this week on Friday from 12:00pm to 6:00pm and if beer is not sold out on Saturday* from 9:00am to 12:00pm (we will send out an email if/when Beer is sold out*)
      How does BBH sell our Beer?
      You may purchase a BBH branded bottle and have it filled with your choice of beer or bring your own bottle to be filled
      A new BBH branded 750ml reusable flip top bottle is only $5.00*
      Price for beer when filling a A BBH branded bottle is:
      $9.00* per fill (“BBH Beer Program*”)
      If you bring your own bottle it must be 2L or less in size, have a closure (flip top or screw top, no crimp caps) and also be clean and dry!
      Price for beer using your own bottle is:
      750ml (25oz.) = $10.00
      1 Liter (34oz. or 32 oz.) = $13.00
      2L (67oz.) = $26.
      Limit can fluctuate and will be set based on demand, please plan for:
      1 – 2L bottle per person
      Or 2 – 1L bottles, one per style of beer, per person
      Or 3 – 750ml bottles, one per style of beer, per person
      Cash only, no Credit Cards, thank you!
      BBH Important Information:
      We serve our customers on a “first come first served” basis.
      We will serve you a small sample of each style when you arrive if you desire
      There is NO consumption of alcoholic Beverages on the business property (other than your samples), we do not have a license to serve beer for consumption on the property!
      On your first visit an age consent form will need to be signed by each customer and you will need to show a valid form of picture ID
      Please park in the end of the driveway or along Steele Crossing rd, there is ample parking on the BBH side of Steele Crossing (left side if driving up the hill from rt.6)
      Please proceed to the garage door/window of the Brewery, I will always be present during published operating hours
      Cash only, no credit card, no debit cards, no checks are accepted at this time.
      If bringing your own bottle to be filled it must be clean and dry, no odor. If it is not clean it will not be filled. You will be able to purchase a BBH bottle when visiting us
      This is a residence, please respect our business hours and if desiring to purchasing beer visit during the above published times
      An email will be sent to all email subscribers as beer availability changes (I.E. Beer is sold out or there is a change)
      Beer serving Days and Hours are subject to change and will be announced via this email and on the website once that is open*
      Web site is not yet open*, when it is all information will be provided on the website also
      If you have a friend that wants to receive this email each week about beer availability please pass along this email and they should ask to be subscribed,
      If you do not want to receive these emails please reply to this email with “UNSUBSCRIBE” in the subject field

      Thank you and Cheers, Matt
      Breakaway Brew Haus LLC
      5 Steele Crossing RD, Bolton, CT
      C: 8607122951

      Inline image 1

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