Seven Cycles Tour

Today I returned to Seven Cycles for another fun tour of their Watertown, MA factory. This time, I was joined by friends from Team HORST Sports and the CCAP Team HORST Junior Squad, including my son Shepard. Earlier this year, our bicycle shop sponsor (and recently new Seven Cycles dealer) Bicycles East, hosted a fantastic open house with several custom bikes on display.


I periodically write about Seven Cycles because I’ve had a long affiliation with the custom bicycle frame builder. They are one of my favorite bicycle industry companies. Taking the kids from our mountain biking/cyclocross squad was an awesome idea. They were thrilled. We had mountain bike practice last night at Rye Street Park, and regrouped today to see how custom mountain bikes are made.


One of the coolest things we saw was Seven’s new Mobius full suspension mountain bike. I ride I rigid singlespeed Seven, and even I though the Seven Suspension Technology was cool.


I’ll never turn down a shop tour, and even though I’ve been through the Seven plant on multiple occasions, I always learn something new. It was a real treat for Shepard to see where his parents’ bikes were built.


He and I had a good day trip to the Boston area. I had to swing by my regular hotel in Danvers to pick up an item that I left in my room last week. Then, we visited HORST Sterling Machine, our MA Operations, for more metalworking excitement. It was great to see the crew. Our CT Operations were closed today, and that is what made the Boston area trip possible. We were open in MA because that plant site gets Presidents Day off instead. He and I were back on the road by 3:00 P.M. and he got a taste of what Boston traffic is all about. I frequently talk about the pain and suffering of the Mass Pike. He got to experience it first hand.


Anyway, it was a fun day. Thanks goes to the folks at Seven Cycles for hosting us. Anytime I see something neat Made in USA, I get pumped and you could tell that the kids felt the same way.


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