2019 Santa’s Run

Today we returned to the Glastonbury Santa’s Run for the first time since 2011. It was my 9th time running this local 3.5 mile race. I first did it back in 1989. This year’s race had 912 finishers. The low entry fee and community vibe have always made this a fun one for runners and walkers of all abilities.



This was the first time for the kids, though I’ve pushed them in the jog stroller before. I knew that my legs would be heavy after yesterday’s NBX G.P. of CX, but I still pushed hard. I had to stretch my legs on the final 1/2 mile uphill to hold off Laurel Manville who went out hard. She finished second behind Lindsey Crevoiserat who had a strong run. Olivia Mondo was hot on Laurel’s heels, finishing only two seconds behind. In recent years, Melissa Stellato has had a lock on the top spot, but she didn’t run this year as she is pregnant with her second child.




The top men were Philip Mitchell, Pat Dennen, and Nick Blanchard. Special mention goes to Brett Stoeffler who was 5th. At 52, I’m still chasing him! He runs such a smooth pace, its maddening. I kept him at 15-20 seconds for the first two miles but then he pulled away. Of course, he didn’t speed up at all. I just slowed down!



Debbie and Shepard each won their age groups. Shepard had to hold off hard charging age grouper. His legs were a bit weary after giving it his all at NBX yesterday, but he too persevered and had a strong run. Todd Brown and Debbie had a great battle up the final climb and all the way to the line. Debbie needed 10 more feet to beat him, but he survived. Dahlia also had a strong run, breaking the 10 minute per mile barrier for the second race in a row.



We saw a lot of other friends. Now that cyclocross season is coming to a close, we will likely return to running more races, though I expect we will focus on trails. The Santa’s Run always gives an ornament to each finisher, so we plan to get our Christmas tree this afternoon and now we have four more ornaments to decorate it with.


Race Results

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