2020 Mystic CX Week #1

One of the neat things about the intensity of cyclocross is that when you are doing it, you really can’t think about anything else. It is a fantastic release. Today’s course in Mystic, Connecticut was even more demanding than the usual track.

It was short, tight, and very technical. I was loaded with roots and rocks. The race was developed by CCAP and located on the wooded property at the headquarters of Princeton Carbonworks.

This first of two weekly races are basically a continuation of what CCAP did on four September Wednesdays at the Rocky Hill Dog Park. At Rocky Hill, there was a Juniors race followed by an Adult race. In Mystic, there was a Juniors 9-14 race, followed by a B race, followed by an A race. Our kids both have several Scout campouts this weekend, so I went on my own and did the A race. My goal was to stay on the lead lap. I came close, but Ben Stokes and David Thompson, two stellar junior riders, caught me on the last lap.

We were tearing around the Mystic course which was undulating, gnarly, and slippery. I had a good battle with another junior (and even younger) Cade Fravel and another master (even older) Paul Richard. At times we were joined by a few other riders, but in the end, both Cade and Paul distanced me. I was hurting.

I was still pleased with the effort and as I said, this is a great way to blow off steam. The weather was damp and mild. I sweated a lot. I’m looking forward to giving it another go a week from today. Next weekend, we are also doing the Cheshire Cyclocross, which will be at a new venue. And that could be it for cross in 2020. There is no other New England races on the calendar. There are a few in New York, so we could consider traveling. It will depend on how things go with the COVID-19 pandemic. These CCAP events have been small, which is good.

Team HORST and the Team HORST Junior Squad had a good turnout. Our juniors were Boden, Lars, Owen, Ethan, and Alexandra. Our masters racers were Art, Brett, and me. Rich came to volunteer. He was on car parking duty. It was nice to see him and great that he came to help out the CCAP folks.

Mystic is a really neat town. It is an old village seaport with a lot of history. There is also a renowned aquarium. I rolled around town before and after my race, just taking in the colonial vibe and enjoying the fall weather. It would have been nice to see the sun, but I still soaked in the salt air.

Race Results (will be linked when available)

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