2021 Governor’s Guard Roundup MTB Race

Bike racing is back.

It had been a while, a long while, but the 2021 mountain bike season got underway yesterday at the Governor’s Guard Roundup in Avon, Connecticut. Reportedly, more than 150 kids competed in the junior races, which for me, is the highlight.

The CCAP Team HORST Junior Squad had seven children at the event and they were thrilled to be racing. They have been practicing weekly throughout the pandemic but yesterday they got a chance to push themselves while seeing many of their friends. The CCAP (Connecticut Cycling Advancement Program) is responsible for boosting junior participation throughout Connecticut.

Last fall, we did a few cyclocross training races and the Domnarski Farm Mountain Bike Race, but in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, they felt different. Despite the pandemic still having a grip on society, yesterday’s event felt more normal and that may mean we are headed in the right direction.

We hope more events make a comeback. Some organizers are ready to go, while others are still reluctant to host. I won’t delve into the reasons why, but I feel safe doing outdoor events. In addition to our juniors, several of our masters cyclists also took part in yesterday’s race.

The new course was on the grounds of the First Company Governor’s Horse Guards. The website explains:

It is the nations oldest continuously serving military unit, provides ceremonial escort to the Governor, Lieutenant Governor and other Elected Officials of the state as well as providing The Adjutant General a supplemental force for supporting the National Guard.

I did not know that. It was neat to see the horses and their grounds. The course was a fast track that wound through fields and woods. There were a few steep hills, some roots, but the dirt singletrack was mostly smooth and lined with pine needles. It isn’t too often that you average 13 mph in a Connecticut mountain bike race. The event had a cyclocross feel to it, which I love.

The kids would have preferred more “gnar” but this was a good course for a a season opener. There are three more events in the CCAP spring MTB series and we are hoping for a strong cyclocross season this fall.

All of the kids had good rides. Alexandra Miller-Davey made that podium (2nd spot) for the Cat 2 girls, which is fantastic. Shepard said he “blew up” on the last lap, but had fun. They were joined by teammates Lars, Tanner, Owen, Boden, and Sean. I did the singlespeed race and finished 4th…out of four riders. 🙂 I had fun too. Amongst the adults, Dave Geissert also made the podium in his category. He and I were joined by teammates Art and Brett. Coach Tim did het lap counting, of which there were many. Without him yelling “stop” some of us may still be out there doing loops in the woods. We are all looking forward to the Bush Hill MTB next Saturday in Manchester.

2 Responses to “2021 Governor’s Guard Roundup MTB Race”

  1. 1 Jed Kornbluh 13 May 2021 at 4:54 am

    Great stuff, Scott! I think you’re going to like Bush Hill and I hope to see you at the outing tonight!

  1. 1 2021 The Governor’s Guard Rodeo (Cyclocross) | Life Adventures Trackback on 13 November 2021 at 4:57 pm

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