2021 The Governor’s Guard Rodeo (Cyclocross)

This is a quick report one The Governor’s Guard Rodeo held at the First Company Governor’s Horse Guards farm in Avon, Connecticut. This was the penultimate race in the CT Series of Cross.

The finale will be in 15 days at Bishop’s Orchard CX in Guilford and I’m looking forward to it. Today’s race wasn’t very eventful. I was underwhelmed with the course and my performance, but I’m still glad that the folks from Cheshire Cycle put on the event.

They also hosted The Governor’s Guard Roundup MTB Race back in the spring. That was the first time we used this venue, so today’s race was the second. My feelings are that the course was unremarkable other than one giant/deep mud puddle, a few other muddy sections, and a nasty wet/muddy sand section that sucked the life out of my legs.

There were several fast sections including a gnarly descent, so overall the pace was a quick one. Despite the fact that my legs were hurting today, I would have preferred a few more dismounts (there was one set of barriers) including at least one stiff run-up. Saturday races can be tough for me. It all depends on the kind of work week that I had. This week, I was lacking some motivation to race.

Tomorrow, I’m racing at the 30th anniversary West Hill Shop Cyclocross in Putney, Vermont, so this is my first and last double weekend of the year. I’m also going to skip racing next weekend to chill a bit as I gear up for the final push towards Nats in Chicago. I don’t want to burn out now. I’m sure that I’ll have fun racing SSCX tomorrow and then a week off from racing will do mme some good.

I had high hopes to get another crack at a win today with the Really Rad Festival of CX drawing away much of the top Masters talent, but I spent too much time falling off of my bike to contend. My first fall came when I was leading Matt Krause and Herb Grignon on lap three. I slid out innocently on some pine needles, but by the time I got back on and sorted out my chain, which had fallen off, they were gone. I never closed the gap and they battled it out for the win while I spent the rest of the race chasing in no-man’s land.

I had another fall in the mud pit. It was getting deeper and looser as the race went on and I hit something in the middle (about hub deep) that through me to the left and straight into a tree. That required a dismount and a long run through the mud, which cost me more time. I had a few other bobbles, so this was hardly a “clean” race.

Alas, I’ve had a great stretch and even in a small field, third place is respectable, but I’ll need a another top placing at Bishop’s if I’m going to hold on to a series podium spot. Kudos to Matt (who won) and Herb (who was second) and the other competitors. I earned a few six-packs for my effort, including a non-alcoholic one, which is what I’m sticking with until after Nats. I feel better and sleep better when I avoid alcohol completely. I’ve hardly had a drink in three years, but if I’m going to imbibe, December is a good time. The weather was spectacular with another mild day. It was cool in the morning, but it was nearly 60 degrees Fahrenheit by the time we raced and the sun was shining brightly.

We had another nice turnout from the Team HORST Sports Masters racers and also the CCAP Team HORST Junior Squad. Shepard had a Shenipsit Trail hike with his Scout troop, and Debbie took Dahlia to a Scout event with her troop at Devil’s Hopyard State Park, so I was solo today.

I’ll miss these local races after the season winds down, so I’m enjoying the fact that we have a few more to go.

Race Results

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