2021 Bishop’s Orchard CX

I’ve had an amazingly good cyclocross season, but yesterday was an “off day.” In France, competitive cyclists call it “un jour sans,” which translates, “a day without.” I like the Bishop’s Orchard CX course, but I didn’t like it yesterday.

Six laps around the orchard was six too many for me. I crashed (hard) twice during warmups, was cold, out of synch, and I had dead legs. That’s a bad combination. I even got out sprinted at the finish line with an uncharacteristically poor attempt to pass on the left where there was no room. To avoid crashing into the large four foot wide plastic barriers (pallet cubes), I had to slam on my brakes and skid across the finish line. I shouldn’t even have been sprinting for 12th place, but my ego got in the way and I wanted to fight until the end. That move was symbolic of my race. Nothing went right.

I’ve really had an awesome season. I’ve felt strong in most races. Consistency helped me win the 50+ age group in the CT Series of CX. I might not have put an exclamation point on the series win (with a strong finish yesterday), but I did all of the races and had a lot of fun.

I’ve fallen off my bike more than a few times, but that’s part of the sport. I’ve destroyed some bikes and bike parts, but that’s also part of the sport. My results were even better than expected, so I can’t complain. I heard a great saying recently. It was in a business context, but it is applicable here too.

“There is no winning and losing. There is only winning and learning.”

I plan to recover a bit this week and give it a go at the Ice Weasels Cometh on Saturday afternoon. This will be my 2021 New England cyclocross season finale. If all goes well, it will be a final effort/tune-up before the USA Cyclocross National Championships in Wheaton, IL.

On a positive note, yesterday was a really good day for others on the team. Paul Nyberg nailed down third place in the CT Series of CX with a third place finish in the race. He had a really strong season. Several other Team HORST Masters riders rode well.

The CCAP Team HORST Junior Squad also had some great results. Luke Wilson has had an awesome year in the Junior Boys 9-12 year old age group. He came into the race leading his division and I think he held his spot. Alexandra Miller-Davey’s breakout year continued. She was strongest in the Junior Girls 15-18 age group. She won the race and the series title. Two CCAP Team HORST Junior Squad champs is fantastic. More importantly, these kids have learned to love the bike!

Boden Chenail took his first big win in the Junior Boys 15-18 race and was second overall in the series. Shepard was second in the race, which was a nice result for him. With cross country running taking up most of his time this fall, he has only been able to do four cross races, but he is having fun.

One thing for sure is that we were all cold. Snow fell lightly throughout the day and the temperature hovered around freezing. The course was slippery, slow, and hilly. Normally, I like that, but I suffered more than usual. The folks at Bishop’s Orchard and the volunteers, including a few standouts (Rob Stiles and Jake Kravitz) did an amazing job. This race always has a good vibe. Even though I’ve struggled there, I’ll keep it on the list.

Race Results

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Well that was pretty incredible. Congrats to @trailrunningmom Congrats to ALL the participants whether they finished or not. Mahalo to ALL of the volunteers. More will be written about this ohana when we get home.
@trailrunningmom was holding steady as she departed Nu’uanu for the last time at 92.5 miles. Shepard is having fun but it’s all business now. There is a pitched battle for second place and if they keep pushing, it’s a threat to Debbie’s lead. I’m doing the mental math and she has to keep pushing too. Anna and Mele left the aid station together and are throwing down.
I said I would only post two more times, but I’m posting three. A big shout out to fellow New Englander, our “adopted” runner and Hawaii “housemate” Tim Glickman. I’m pulling for him to persevere. He came through lap four at Nu’uanu at 72.5 miles and was hurting but we agreed he would NOT quit. They will have to make him stop. I told him to just keep moving forward.
We made it to Paradise Park Aid Station (Manoa) just in time to catch @trailrunningmom at mile 87 (or so). Shepard is on pacing duty now and he decided to go from here rather than Nu’uanu. That’s cool. She is up to 7th overall which is also pretty cool. She hasn’t faltered yet and we don’t expect her to. I’ll post after Nu’uanu and then at the finish…and then I’m done!
@trailrunningmom is on the final lap (five) now and back on her own. This images are from our overnight “date.” We ran to Manoa and then to Nu’uanu and then back to the Nature Center. She is hanging tough, just like the sign says. I’ll meet back up with the kids and track down their Mom again soon.
It’s been seven hours since the last report. I joined @trailrunningmom for lap four/the graveyard shift. This sequence includes her return to the Nature Center after lap three and then our trek to Manoa. She is running so well on this gnarly course.
Evening at Pu’una Aid Station. @trailrunningmom is holding on to the lead but Mele DeMille is looking strong and she is chipping away at the gap bit by bit. She was eight minutes behind Debbie coming into 52.5 and picked up a little time with a quick-turn. When Debbie hits the Nature Center at 60, she will have two laps then go.
More afternoon scenes from Nu’uanu Aid Station, including leader Anthony Lee. He was flying. We saw him twice in six hours. He lapped…a lot of folks!
The kids and I did the noon to six volunteer shift at Nu’uanu Aid Station while @trailrunningmom was doing what she loves to do. There was no cell reception so I’m finally sharing highlights from Lap 2. Timmy wasn’t far behind.

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