2021 The Ice Weasels Cometh

I got my mojo back at yesterday’s The Ice Weasels Cometh at The Wick in Southwick, Massachusetts. I had a good ride in the singlespeed (SSCX) division. This version of Ice Weasels was a lot of fun. It was my third time doing the the December Weasels race but it was Shepard’s first. He joined me for the trip. I did the 2018 and 2019 races when it was held in Medfield. The race has been at a half a dozen different venues since its founding.

I’m a six time The Night Weasels Cometh veteran, which is held in October, so I’ve had my share of Weasel shenanigans. Last week’s Bishop’s Orchard race was one to forget, so I was happy to to end the New England season on a positive note. This was a decent ride, but not a great ride. It was good enough for me leading into Nats week. I’m still banged up from various crashes and the long season (this was my 17th race since late August), so a few days of rest will do me some good.

The Wick is a motocross track. We used various parts of it including the wooded sections. One aspect of the course was the deep and sandy ruts left behind by recent dirt bike races. The course was generally fast with one distinct muddy section. The loose sandy dirt and leaves were the main challenge. There was one set of barriers (with the infamous skinny daredevil option) and one large log. Both required me to dismount and run them.

As usual, Ice Weasels had a strong turnout with nearly 400 racers across all of the categories. Shepard did the U19 race that was held in conjunction with the Killer B Men. That was the second largest field of the day behind the combo Singlespeed/Fat Bike race that I did.

The Masters field was also large. Team HORST Sports and the CCAP Team HORST Junior Squad had a large turnout for this season finale. The list in addition to Shepard and me: John Meyerle, Tom Ricardi, Cole Ricardi, Paul Nyberg, Alexandra Miller-Davey, Matt Domnarski, Boden Chenail, Brett Chenail, Lars Roti, Tanner Pierce, Andris Skulte, and Wade Summers. Only a handful of us are headed to Chicago for Nats so this winds down the cyclocross season for the rest.

The weather was good. It was cold but dry. I was better prepared than last week with various warm clothes options. I made sure I stayed warm in between Shepard’s race at noon and my race at 3:00 P.M. Last week, I got chilled before my start and never recovered.

I had a race long battle with Masters rivals Anthony Vecca (AV) and Christopher Curven. We traded places at various times. Each of us had a strong section of the course where we were putting that hurt on the others. However, none of us could get away from each other and we stuck together coming into the sprint. Lapped traffic added to the challenge as there were more than 100 riders on the course.

Each of us had to deal with the same circumstances so no one had an advantage. Chris led out the sprint after taking the final fast corner in the lead. It was a funny sprint with only one gear. We came into some lapped traffic right at the line but it didn’t seem to matter. I came around Chris but AV came around both of us. He had the stamina to heckle me as he passed yelling something like “come on old man.”

That’s what I love about AV. He has had the best of me lately but I’ve prevailed in the past. We give each other no quarter. Next weeks SSCX Nats race predictor has us finishing next to each other, so I sense a rematch is in the making. This was a great way to end the New England cyclocross season and I’m already looking forward to next fall and more Weasels fun. In the meantime, I have two Midwest races left to go and then this entire season is a wrap.

One other cool thing that happened yesterday was that Debbie was selected in the Hardrock Endurance Run lottery. I won’t explain the whole story but you can refer back to the 2017 Hardrock report, her first finish of that spectacular event. Only 145 lucky (and talented) athletes get to do Hardrock each year. It will ave been five years since her last run in the San Juan Mountains. The 2017 preview post also has some background on the lottery. Sitting in the van in between our races, I opened Twitter, and discovered the news. She and I both forgot to follow the lottery live (from Colorado), but once the news hit, I called her and she was pumped. 2022 is going to be another big one.

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@trailrunningmom finished the 100 kilometer #metacomettrail in about 14 hours and 21 minutes. We think she got the #fastestknowntime by about three minutes but her GPS watch died so we have to do the math and build the evidence package. She really worked for this one. Now she is ready for @hardrock100run in July. Little and ran with her on the last mile on Orchard and that was crucial.
@trailrunningmom came through 56 miles of the #metacomettrail in 12 hours and 46 minutes. She was running strong. About six to go! Little D’s pacing inspired her to pick up the pace. She is getting @ctforestandparkassociation Trails Day Weekend started in style.
@trailrunningmom is crushing the Metacomet Ultra Traverse (MUT). Thanks to @dfyc38 and @laurab_312 for their support. Deb has about eight miles to go at the 12 hour and 30 minute mark.
Helping out our neighbors: the kids are playing “farmer” this weekend. 🐓 🐐
Pumped to be back at the @newenglandairmuseum for Women Take Flight 2022. I brought Little D to help!
Little D says my artistic ability is lacking and that I’m better at business and cycling. Even still, we had a great afternoon @thefirestonect and then at the library. Florence was lovely company at our cafe table. The librarian pointed out a book option and then I reminded all within earshot that you can’t judge a book by its cover! #art #painting
Well that was pretty incredible. Congrats to @trailrunningmom Congrats to ALL the participants whether they finished or not. Mahalo to ALL of the volunteers. More will be written about this ohana when we get home.
@trailrunningmom was holding steady as she departed Nu’uanu for the last time at 92.5 miles. Shepard is having fun but it’s all business now. There is a pitched battle for second place and if they keep pushing, it’s a threat to Debbie’s lead. I’m doing the mental math and she has to keep pushing too. Anna and Mele left the aid station together and are throwing down.

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