It’s been several weeks since we returned from Hawaii. The New England weather has been harsh and unforgiving with lots of cold, ice, and snow. Even still, the buzz from the trip hasn’t worn off. I was glancing through the photos and it warmed me (a little).

Clearly, the highly of the trip was the HURT 100, which I wrote about already. Debbie smashed the race. She has done a few interviews, including one with the entire family on the CULTRA Trail Running Podcast. The race wasn’t the only activity of our week on Oahu. We had fun in other ways and I wanted to share.

Our basecamp was at the home of a friend in Hawaii’ kai east of Honolulu. We stayed there once before, 11 years ago when I did the IRONMAN World Championships. During that trip, we spent a week on the Big Island and then a week on Oahu. It was great to return to the Kumukahi House as it had a nice renovation since we were last there. The location was perfect.

On our first full day, we hiked Mt. Olomana and then spent some time at Kailua Beach Park. Olomana was a route that Debbie first found on the Fastest Known Times site. At first she thought we would hike it as a family and then she would try for the FKT. The problem was that when we drove to the trailhead, there was a massive rainstorm. The deluge turned the trail into a muddy mess. It was way to dangerous to attempt an FKT, so we just focused on the hike, which took all the energy we had. The round trip was a blast with sections of hand over fist climbing and some serious vertical.

On the summit, we met some very nice locals who were familiar with HURT and had friends who were participating. The views were spectacular. The descent was like a slip and slide because the mud was like grease. It was warm and muggy.

After our hike, we drove over to Kailua Beach Park and spent some time sampling the sand and sea. The sun had retreated behind clouds, but the kids still had fun playing in an stream that was flowing into the bay.

On our second full day, we drove to the southwest corner of the island. This took about an hour. It was much more arid and a lot less congested. We parked at Poka’i Bay Beach. Debbie and the kids spent the morning playing in the bay and exploring the surrounding area. I did my own FKT on Mt. Ka’ala, which I also covered in a separate blog post. The out and back took me about five hours and it was hot! It felt great to swim in the bay when I got back to the beach.

After cooling off, we did a drive. We headed for Hale’iwa with a few short stops along the way. One of those stops was at the tourist trap otherwise known as the Dole Plantation. We couldn’t even get a piece fresh pineapple! Enough said. The Covid-19 related restrictions were almost comical and we did one lap of the gift shop before giving up on finding any healthy snacks. We simply got back in the car and headed for Hale’iwa.

I recalled being there 11 years ago, so we parked and then walked to the lot where several food trucks park. We had dined there before, though the trucks had changed a bit. We had some food and then visited a few of the north shore beaches in town. The waves were pretty big (15 to 20 feet) and there was a high surf warning. We watched some surfers from afar and soaked in the vibe. It had been a long day so we opted to stay in Hale’iwa and get food at a local Mexican restaurant before making the drive back to Hawaii’ kai.

Friday was the day before the big race, so we kept things a little more low key. In the morning, we visited Pearl Harbor, which was amazing. We also visited 11 years ago and the focus then was the USS Arizona Memorial. This time we did the USS Missouri Battleship Tour which was awesome. We spent more than three hours exploring the massive ship. There were so many highlights. I particularly liked the machine shop. This historic ship is massive. I still can’t get over the fact that more than 3,000 sailors lived on the boat in the 1940’s an 1950’s. The kids really enjoyed the visit and they learned a lot.

The kids wanted to see a different kind of beach, so on our way back through Honolulu, we stopped at Waikiki and spent a few hours on the beach. We scored an incredible parking spot right across the street from the beach. It didn’t even cost us a penny because the parking meter was missing. Just as we arrived, a car pulled out and we pulled in. That made my day. Waikiki is not my kind of beach, but I have to admit that the people watching was entertaining. Even still, I had enough and we returned home in the early afternoon so that Debbie could get all here gear for the Saturday race.

My HURT post covers our weekend endeavor. Sunday afternoon, after the race, my cousin Amy, her husband David, and their infant daughter visited us at the Kumukahi House. It was great to catch up with them. They have been Hawaii residents for 15 years, but Amy grew up in Connecticut and our family is very close. It was so nice to spend the afternoon with them. We got takeout and just hung out.

Monday was our last day in Hawaii as we had a late afternoon flight that would return us to Boston. The kids wanted to go to the beach again, so we got a referral to the local end of Waimanalo Beach and it was another trip highlight. It wasn’t crowded, the sand was nice, and the water was beautiful. I had a nice swim and the kids had a blast in the waves, which were small but fun.

It was hard to leave such a beautiful island behind, but work and school were pulling us back to New England. I would love to return to the Big Island. Plus, I would love to visit Maui and Kauai on a future trip. We have more exploring to do.

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Senior Night at Bolton High School: Bolton vs. Somers vs. Coventry. Made it from the middle school race in time for the boys race. Missed the girls but stayed for the festivities. #xc #running 🏃🏽‍♂️
Fantastic evening for XC at my middle school alma mater. Bolton vs. Vernon vs. Porter. @trailrunningmom is a wonderful coach! #running #xc 🏃🏽‍♀️
From #newyork Sunday for @pearljam at @thegarden to #Chicago on Wednesday for @imtschicago it’s already been a busy week with lots of planes, trains, automobiles, and jet packs! Amazing technology at the show.
A final @hardrock100run update for now and it’s a bit of a bummer. @trailrunningmom stoped at Animas Forks Aid Station just shy of the 59 mile mark. Persistent nausea and the inability to eat or drink weakened her. She arrived in Ouray in this condition and even a 40 minute nap didn’t improve the situation. She is at peace with her decision to stop and it helps that she finished this beast of a race in 2017 going the other direction. I unexpectedly joined her between Ouray and Animas Forks because I didn’t want to see her go alone. We got to suffer together for eight hours and enjoyed an amazing moonlit night. In our household there is always more to learn when you miss a goal than when you hit one.
@trailrunningmom has quite a crew assembled in Ouray at the @hardrock100run We await her arrival. From the looks of the tracking she was likely suffering in the climb and dealing with the t-storms. She might have had to hunker down because her location didn’t change for a long time. Now she appears to me hammering the six plus mile descent to the LOW point in the course in Ouray at a 7,792 feet.
Riding out the latest storm in Ouray. This weather is something else. To be a Hardrocker this year is going to take extra gumption. ⛈ @trailrunningmom appears to be moving steadily (according to the tracker) but the climb to Kroger’s Canteen slowed her. She gets a lot of downhill into Ouray so let’s hope she can keep running. We are planning a longer pit stop here including a full wardrobe change. Fingers crossed she gets here by dark around 9:00 P.M. @hardrock100run
Telluride was a blur. @trailrunningmom left the aid station around 3:20pm or so. She changed her socks (needed dry ones), got some solid food, freshened up in the “latrine”, and got moving again. We met up with Amy and John and they were a big help. Even my friend Mike, a part time Telluride resident, stopped by Town Park to cheer and assist. On to Ouray…she won’t be there for five hours or so. There are serious ⛰ ⛰ in between.
@trailrunningmom came into Chapman Gulch at 11:46am but if you are tracking then you know that. She was doing fine at 18.1 miles. Little D said Mom is pacing well but wasn’t as “exuberant” as past races. A big rainstorm just blew through and the clouds are threatening again. Next up: Telluride

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