2022 Bolton Road Race

Today was the 44th annual Bolton Road Race. It’s our hometown race and I’ve done it nine times since 2005. It was canceled last year, but was one of the last events in 2020 before the Covid-19 lockdown took hold.

The whole family ran today’s race. I’m no longer the fastest runner in the household. I’ve passed the torch to our son, Shepard. He ran 30:32 for the five-mile event. That’s respectable for a hilly course on a cold and windy day. That was good for 6th overall and 1st Bolton resident. Debbie and I have both been first town resident in the past, so this is a nice milestone. His Bolton High School Cross-Country teammate Meghan Minicucci was first female Bolton resident.

I chased him valiantly, but never closed the gap that he established the first mile. I ran 31:06 and was two spots behind him. That’s a good result for me. My best ever time was 30:08 in 2013. I doubt I’ll run that fast again, but I expect Shepard to go sub-30 next year.

Debbie ran 37:03, good for 4th in her age group. Dahlia ran 44:07 good for 1st in her age group. We had a lot of fun. The bright sunshine took the edge off of the cold. Yesterday’s snow and ice had melted (at least from the roads).

Will Sanders dominated again, running 25:38 for the win. The first woman was Anna Shields in 30:28. Shepard chased her the entire race but she held him off for a nice result. We saw lots of friends. Many folks came out to cheer for the runners. I’m proud of the kids. They inspire me to keep going as a masters runner.

Race Results

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Helping out our neighbors: the kids are playing “farmer” this weekend. 🐓 🐐
Pumped to be back at the @newenglandairmuseum for Women Take Flight 2022. I brought Little D to help!
Little D says my artistic ability is lacking and that I’m better at business and cycling. Even still, we had a great afternoon @thefirestonect and then at the library. Florence was lovely company at our cafe table. The librarian pointed out a book option and then I reminded all within earshot that you can’t judge a book by its cover! #art #painting
Well that was pretty incredible. Congrats to @trailrunningmom Congrats to ALL the participants whether they finished or not. Mahalo to ALL of the volunteers. More will be written about this ohana when we get home.
@trailrunningmom was holding steady as she departed Nu’uanu for the last time at 92.5 miles. Shepard is having fun but it’s all business now. There is a pitched battle for second place and if they keep pushing, it’s a threat to Debbie’s lead. I’m doing the mental math and she has to keep pushing too. Anna and Mele left the aid station together and are throwing down.
I said I would only post two more times, but I’m posting three. A big shout out to fellow New Englander, our “adopted” runner and Hawaii “housemate” Tim Glickman. I’m pulling for him to persevere. He came through lap four at Nu’uanu at 72.5 miles and was hurting but we agreed he would NOT quit. They will have to make him stop. I told him to just keep moving forward.
We made it to Paradise Park Aid Station (Manoa) just in time to catch @trailrunningmom at mile 87 (or so). Shepard is on pacing duty now and he decided to go from here rather than Nu’uanu. That’s cool. She is up to 7th overall which is also pretty cool. She hasn’t faltered yet and we don’t expect her to. I’ll post after Nu’uanu and then at the finish…and then I’m done!
@trailrunningmom is on the final lap (five) now and back on her own. This images are from our overnight “date.” We ran to Manoa and then to Nu’uanu and then back to the Nature Center. She is hanging tough, just like the sign says. I’ll meet back up with the kids and track down their Mom again soon.
It’s been seven hours since the last report. I joined @trailrunningmom for lap four/the graveyard shift. This sequence includes her return to the Nature Center after lap three and then our trek to Manoa. She is running so well on this gnarly course.

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