2022 Scrooge Scramble

After a two year hiatus, the “official” Scrooge Scramble made its return on Christmas Day. For the Livingston Family, this was our 15th time doing the race since 2004. We also held our own versions in 2020 and 2021 when the race was cancelled.

This year, new race leadership brought back the 40 year-old event. It benefits the Cornerstone Foundation in Rockville whose mission it is to care for the homeless.

This has been our family tradition on Christmas morning. We spend time together and then make the 20 minute drive to Rockville. Today it was frigid. The temperature was about 14 degrees Fahrenheit, but the bright sunshine made it feel a bit warmer.

We saw some of our usual friends from the running community. Mercifully the course was an older version, which was just fine. The last few editions were 1/2 mile loops, but this year was the out to the Ellington town line and back. Mentally, it was easier to to go out and back.

We didn’t have much of a warmup. That didn’t stop Shepard and me from pushing. We had fun and now that I’m typing this while enjoying brownies and chocolate, it was worth it. Dahlia and Debbie ran together. We were back home by 11:00 A.M. We got in our run, helped out a worthy cause, and spent some family time together on a special day.

Race Results

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