2019 Newtown Cyclocross

The CCAP and Team 26 put on another fine Newtown Cyclocross at the 2nd Governors Horse Guard campus. It was a hot one for cross on the last official day of summer.



More than 100 of the 279 registered riders were youth, which speaks to the impact that CCAP has had on cycling in Connecticut.

Team HORST Sports and the Team HORST Junior Squad were out in force. We had great participation in the Juniors and Masters categories. The 2019 CT Series of CX is underway. Even though it’s the last full week of September, and the last day of summer, the temperature was hot. It was pretty much too hot for cyclocross, but that should change soon.

Sections of the hilly Newtown course were dusty. The up and down nature of the track is hard on the legs. That didn’t deter the kids from giving it their all. It is going to take a few more races for some of us to get into the cyclocross groove. I had a rough day and a rare DNF. While warming up, my left pedal fell off the spindle. It literally came off. Actually, the pedal itself was still attached t the bottom of my shoe, but the pedal wasn’t attached to the crankset. This was a catastrophic failure. I made my way back to our van where I grabbed my tools and swapped the broken pedal spindle on my geared Seven Mudhoney Pro with the pedal from my singlespeed Seven Mudhoney SL.

That meant I had no bike for the pit. I was running out of time, but made it to the start in time for my Men’s 40+  race. We had a chaotic first lap of the grassy (and slick) loop. Coming through the off-camber on the barn hill at the start of lap too, there must have been a crash in front of me. I was sitting in 6th spot, feeling good, and primed to move up. Someone crashed over a plastic course stake because it was lying on the ground. Buried in the grass, I didn’t see the metal spike that it had previously attached to. I rode over it and my (newish) tubular tire instantly flatted. Race over.

With no bike in the pit and only 10% of the lap complete, I was done. I pulled out, shook my head, and then looked ahead to next week’s Vermont 50 and then the next cross race after that, which will be The Night Weasels Cometh. Some days just don’t go as planned. I was glad that both of our kids had fun. I said some goodbyes, we packed up and got home in time for me to go on a therapeutic “bounce back” road ride. Thankfully, I didn’t have any mechanical breakdowns.

Race Results


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